creative projects (2012—2014)

Below, you'll find my work in information visualization, typography, graphic design, physical computing, branding, and various experiments completed during undergrad studies at UPenn.

Mapping Musical Genres

mmg-clip-1 mmg-clip-2 mmg-poster

60" × 40" print — Spring 2014

Multi-dimensional graph-based visualization representing the development of and influences between major musical genres from 1940—2000 (built using data from The Echo Nest APIs).

Branding the Contemporary Fringe

edge-art-render edge-art-video

Interactive application — Fall 2013

An experimental project which attempts to brand the contemporary fringe of art & design through a 2D visualization which reacts to user input via webcam.

You Are The Product

process doc-6

Website — Fall 2013

A typography-driven project which takes a critical look at the economics of popular free web services–such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter–which invert the traditional product consumption relationship.

Electronic Synthesis Visualizer


Interactive application — Spring 2014

A simple browser-based synthesizer that visualizes subtractive synthesis over time. Users can play notes using their keyboard and see ADSR envelopes move across the isometric 3D canvas.

Tweet Topic Correlation Between US Counties


Interactive application — Spring 2014

A force-directed graph visualization which draws attention to particularly unique correlations of topics tweeted in different U.S. counties.

Data source: Penn's World Well-Being Project.

Scrobble Goggles


iOS application — Fall 2013

Take a photo of an album with your iOS device and use the Google Goggles API to match it. Then, scrobble the tracks from that album to

Buzz, Your Smart Doorman

header prootype internals

Concept, prototype & marketing materials — Spring 2014

A “smart” doorbell which sends you an SMS when a visitor arrives.

Losing My Edge

photo photo

5" × 7" letterpress print — Fall 2012

A graphical interpretation of a text using only typography. I used the lyrics from the LCD Soundsystem song Losing My Edge.

PennApps Hackathon

website-2014s website logo

Website — Fall 2013

Logo design, website, branding, and creative direction for one of the largest student hackathons in the U.S.



12" vinyl cover art — Fall 2012

A vinyl cover designed to visually evoke the sounds of the song Nostrand by Ratatat.


levine-1 levine-2

Custom typeface & sample sheet — Fall 2012

A custom typeface designed from a photograph I took of a building on UPenn's campus.

Creative Process Book


Booklet — Fall 2012

A process book containing sketches and concepts for some early graphic design projects. Images are compressed to reduce file size (larger version available upon request).