ITP blog · thesis-research

Week 2 - Concepts, Interests

7 November 2019

Right now I’m interested in exploring a lot of different areas for my thesis; I have yet to narrow it down. I’m interested in sound art, spatial computing, light as a medium, synesthesia, and abstract visual forms. These interests were developed through my ITP courses and I think fall squarely within typical new media art forms.

Another area of interest for me is club culture. Over the past 1.5 years I’ve become deeply engaged in the electronic music community in Brooklyn. I’ve developed opinions about what creates a good club experience and have started throwing some parties of my own. Some of the mediums and technologies I mentioned earlier apply to club environments, too, I think. I am also interested in the community as it exists outside the club, and all the social issues & challenges that exist for marginalized groups in the music scene. One of the more “out there” ideas I have for thesis is to throw a party with a curated club experience as a socially-engaged art form.

One more related area of interest - going back to something more technical - is the art of DJing. I'm curious what it would look like to create technology which augments my abilities as a DJ. This can largely be modeled as a data / information problem. I have a large music library and there's a lot of information in each unit of music (beat, melody, timbre, genre, etc). I could imagine creating a system which helps me choose tracks to play, remix them on the fly, and manipulate them to create new music.