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Assignment 1 - Rubric

21 February 2019

Rubric for my work in this class

This class is an exploration in sound art for me. When I am listening to a musical performance, often times I find the parts which are surprising or unexpected to be "artistic" or "poetic". So some of the goals of my work in Sound in Space are to create similar musical moments.

The work should have one or more of these elements:

  • it produces a surprising emotional response
  • it leverages utilizes space to emulate a physical experience (falling down, objects moving towards or away from you, being underwater, moving quickly in a vehicle, etc)
  • it is generative and/or infinitely running
  • leverages the specific medium & its affordances appropriately (see notes on medium specificity & genre)


  • narrative storytelling through sound
  • demonstrate mastery of music theory