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Assignment 2 - Mono

7 March 2019

Monophonic composition

For this assignment, I played around with the Tone.js impulse response & convolver code we were introduced to in class. My goal was to create sound to accompany some of the glitchy video art I created for my first Live Image performance. I specifically had the glowing orbs footage in mind; since it (abstractly) evokes a feeling of floating through water and coral reefs, I wanted to create some glitchy bubble & wave sounds.

I took a sample of some glitchy clicks and ran those through a convolver while adjusting the playback rate (this creates a rising pitch effect, corresponding to how bubbles rise in water). You can see the code here and interact with the web audio here.


I used my OD-11 speaker as my single speaker channel. In my living room, it's positioned underneath the projector area where I played the relevant video footage.

The audio in this clip is a little weak, but you can play the piece yourself by going here. The performance is simple; there is only one button to trigger the processed samples, which the performer clicks multiple times during the video playback.