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Week 2

14 February 2019

Beginnings of a video playback system

I reviewed the patches from last week and there were a few Jitter objects which I found really interesting, worth further exploration:

  • jit.rota zoom with boundmode 3 (clip)
  • jit.ameba
  • jit.plur (my computer seems to be too slow to run this at any reasonable frame rate...)
  • jit.scanslide
  • jit.slide (unbalanced slide feels very psychedelic / hallucinatory)

Here's a screen capture of a few simple elements hooked up with the videos I collected last week:


I started collecting some inspiration for my video performance, check it out in this channel.

I plan to perform my own electronic music during the performance and connect Max to Ableton. One concept that I've been noodling with is the "abstraction of the music-making process" where I take a video of myself performing the music and use that as the music video.