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Week 5

9 October 2019

Artist Statement

Adi Dahiya is a multidisciplinary artist, electronic musician, and software engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up in New Jersey and studied computer science at UPenn. After spending a few years as a software engineer working with design systems, he is now pursuing a master's at NYU's ITP program, where he applies his technical knowledge to art works in various (mostly digital) mediums. His deep interest in electronic music often surfaces in projects dealing with sound. These works can be novel immersive experiences, new interfaces for expression, or tools which help participants connect concepts to better understand music. Adi also works with nontraditional live video performance tools to create abstract audiovisual works. Some of the guiding values in his work include: inclusivity, wonder, and connection. He is interested in how artists can inspire people to live more mindfully with technology, while also creating objects and cultivating experiences which are antidotes for despair.