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Week 3 melody

1 October 2018


LCD Soundsystem's pulse (v.1) starts off with an interesting arpeggiated synth melody which fades in and out of the track. It moves up an down a scale in a humanized pattern, but I'm sure it was programmed by James Murphy into one of his many synthesis machines. I took some inspiration from this when coding my sketch.


Check out my p5.js sketch for the week here.

I used Tone.Pattern() to play around with the minor blues scale and some of its harmonies. In this sketch, a constant sixteenth note pattern is playing random notes on a scale. The user can change the notes being played by moving their mouse up and down in the canvas. Higher up in the canvas, the low-frequency notes in the scale are filtered out, so you're left with higher frequencies (and vice versa, for lower in the canvas).